I unexpectedly (and reluctantly) moved back to my hometown. I unexpectedly fell for an old high school classmate, and he unexpectedly proposed to me. We unexpectedly found out I was pregnant, and we got married sooner than expected. Now, we're experiencing the unexpected daily...the good, the bad, the funny, the frustrating. Read all about it...

Friday, September 10, 2010

A New Beginning

My first blog, mindXposed, was intended to be an avenue for my thoughts. Looking at it now, I cringe at some posts and think, "Why'd I ever post that??" and for the most part I am not happy with it. 

A lot has happened since I stopped writing that blog. Around the time of my last post, which was in November 2009, I had just turned 24 and got engaged. My wedding date was set for 2011. I was childless and had intentions of going back to school for a second degree. But as this blog title suggests, life is full of the unexpected. You can plan everything out down to what underwear you're going to wear every day for the next year, but things happen in life that can't be controlled or predicted.

About two weeks after my last post, I found out I was pregnant. My life, needless to say, has never been the same since. Rather than a 2011 wedding, I got married this past April.

The wedding was perfect, thanks to help from our parents and the support of our wedding party. Four short months later, our son was born in August, a week earlier than expected.

We named him Jamari Isiah. He is now a month old, and crying for attention more than ever! He is my new purpose for living and the reason for creating a new blog. My old blog seemed to have no direction, but now I have reasons to write. Who knows if this one will have more substance than the last, if it'll be more interesting, or if I'll stick with this one longer.

There's going to be no expectations for this blog...just as there shouldn't be any in life. All I know is I have a new outlook on everything. There are many new beginnings in my life...being a newlywed and a new mom. I'm at the start of my adulthood. I am a parent still being parented. I am still trying to figure out myself and my future in the midst of diaper changes and loads of laundry.

As my life unfolds, I hope you'll sit back and enjoy reading all about it!

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