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Monday, September 20, 2010

One Month of Motherhood!

Okay, so it's actually more like a month and a half. But within this time, I've learned so much. These are a few thoughts and lessons I've learned about being a parent:
  • Taking time for myself does not make me a bad mother! I felt bad the first time we had to leave him with my mother-in-law for a few hours, but I've realized that if parents don't take a break from their kids now and then, they'll go crazy and be way more stressed than they should be. It's also very important for partners to take a break together to keep their relationship strong. You can't forget about each other even though obligations get in the way.
  • I can stare at Jamari all day long and not get bored, even though I've been with him every day of his life! And it's even worse now that he laughs and smiles. He's a whole lot more entertaining now than when all he did was stare. 
  • Everyone will have an opinion on how you should raise your kid. But as long as you are not hurting your baby physically or emotionally, the best way is your way.
  • Babies cry in their sleep...and I hate it! At first, I jumped out of bed every time Jamari cried, but then I realized he was probably dreaming. I Googled the reason why babies cry in their sleep, and I read somewhere that it might be because they're dreaming about losing their mother. And that's why I hate when Jamari does it. He lets out a little scream, his face gets all sad, and then he relaxes again. But that sad face makes me want to wake him up and tell him I'm right here and I'm not going anywhere.
  • Googling can only make things worse. With all of the opinions floating in cyberspace, it's difficult to distinguish fact from fiction and assumptions from actual statistics. Besides, every baby and parent is different. It also isn't smart to rely on the Internet for answers. I Google just to see what others have to say, but nothing can replace an actual visit to the doctor.
  • Babies will always act hungry! At first, I thought my son wanted to eat every half an hour, but then I learned that they shouldn't have two feedings within an hour of each other because they get too full and bloated. Luckily for us, Jamari is pretty easy to soothe when he cries, but I know other parents could have a very difficult time trying to stop a baby crying without having to resort to feeding him or her.
  • I talk to Jamari the way I talk to anyone else, but it's good and bad. Good because it'll help him develop his communication skills. Bad because I curse too much.
  • Babies seem to instinctively know to trust in family, be kind to friends, and to smile even though they've just been crying.

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  1. Jamie,

    I love this! Keep up the writing darling ... you're such a good Mommy!

    Love you,