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Saturday, September 11, 2010

This is How I Live...

I think it's only right to introduce a few of the "characters" in my life story. I live in a one-bedroom apartment with my husband, son, two cats, a dog, and a guinea pig that I often forget we have until he starts squeaking. We live about 40-45 minutes away from our hometown, where our families still live. Although we're a good distance away, we see each other as often as possible. More often than not I compare my life to the sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond" (it's all i watch now that I am on maternity leave). I'm not trying to insult anyone, but by sharing my opinion on my family, you might see where I am coming from if you've ever watched the show:
  • Sirron (aka Isiah): My husband goes by his first or middle name, depending, and I never questioned why or cared ("What's in a name?" - Shakespeare taught me to look past it). Never in a million years would we, or anyone from high school, have ever thought we'd date, let alone get married. But here we are, and honestly, I think we're the only ones who could put up with each other...therefore, we're meant to be. He's a big animal lover (he majored in Zoology). He dresses way better than I do, cooks better than me, and is better at cleaning, and I get insecure about it all. My son looked nothing like Sirron when he was born, but Sirron (as far as I know) never questioned it and accepted Jamari as his own (and don't worry, he's his for sure).
  • Jamari: My son is my world! He makes stank faces when he's kissed or when anyone gets near his face. He has a weird fascination with his hands, and even though he stares at them the majority of the day, sometimes he makes a scared face as if he's never seen them before. We're instilling independence in him already (he's only one month), and we swear he can hold his own bottle. He has no toys accept for one rattle, which he could care less about. His eyes are too big for his face for now, and we think he's the cutest baby in the world...and even though everyone says that about their kid, it's the absolute truth.
  • Stax: He's a Shar-pei/American Bulldog mix, and is way too big for our apartment. He's probably around 20 weeks right now, and he has to be well over 50 pounds, and we don't know how much more he'll grow. He's jealous of anything Sirron puts in his arms, especially me. He thinks he's a lap dog still and tries to sit on us. He's a big cuddler and even bigger baby. He looks like a grown dog, so it's weird to call him a puppy. Stax is very disciplined. He likes to chew on grass, but we think it's just a nod to his roots - he's a country boy straight from Alabama.
  • Nikko and Tobey: Our two cats are the strangest animals alive. They run through our apartment at lightning speed. They're territorial and hate when other people visit us. They steal our food (Nikko likes to swipe his paw at our forks when we try to eat). They love to climb inside boxes, and they hide under our bed and swipe at us when we least expect it.
  • My mom: She has the best intentions, but can sometimes push her ways on me. This reminds me of a "Raymond" episode when Ray's mother Marie says to Ray's wife something along the lines of: "I'm not saying you're wrong, but it's not right." My mom tries to tell me that her way is better than how I do things, and I do my best not to argue, but I can't help myself. I know she's only trying to teach me a few things. She's a great mom and person, no doubt, and I appreciate her opinion and advice, even if I don't take it. 
  • My dad: Everyone says he's one of the funniest people they've met. I inherited his sarcasm. He'll joke about anything in front of everyone, and I think it's his Filipino accent that lets him get away with it without insulting anyone. He tries his best to help everyone he can, especially our relatives. He pretends he's listening, and by the time you're done talking, he wants you to repeat everything you've said, and he doesn't care if it's rude; he'll say outright, "I wasn't listening."
  • Kenneth: My brother is five years older than me, and just like in "Raymond," my parents treat him differently than they treat me. In the show, Ray's older brother Robert often gets the spotlight stolen from him because of something Ray does that gets everyone's attention. I don't mean to do things, like get married and have a baby, to overshadow him. It just happens.
Then, there's my in-laws. I am so lucky we get along and I have no horror stories about my mother-in-law hating me, or vice versa. Sirron's a huge momma's boy and calls his mom all the time. She's like an encyclopedia, or Google. You can ask her anything and she'll have the answer.

My life can be a sitcom, and it'd be cool if it became one, but I swear, it'd be like "Everybody Loves Raymond" all over again accept it'd be about an interracial family in an apartment with a whole lot of pets. And we thankfully don't live right across from either of our parents.

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  1. I am really interested in purchasing a bull pei puppy but am having a difficult time finding a breeder. Would you be able to tell me where you adopted yours?