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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Being 25

I've been 25 since October 25th. 

If you notice, that was the day after my last post. Let me tell you why...

Turning 25 seems to be a big deal to most people. I kept putting this post on hold, not knowing exactly what to write about. I just knew 25 is important, so I must write something big, something meaningful, something that explains how turning 25 could change a person.

A quarter of your life is gone.
You are officially in the later part of your 20s, which brings you that much closer to 30.
You're halfway to 50! 

So, I figured that I needed a really meaningful post, something to sum up the importance of turning 25 and moving into what most people would consider "real" adulthood.

I edited. I re-edited. I typed. I deleted. All to realize the truth behind Aaliyah's words, "Age ain't nothin' but a number." 

Yes, turning 25 is important. It is a big deal. It means something. However...

Becoming one year older will always be important. It will always be a big deal. It always means something. 

Becoming one year older means that God is not through with you yet. It means that you have more to contribute to this world. It means that something bigger and even better is bound to happen. 

The number of years we spend in this world is nothing compared to the number of moments we create. Yes, certain ages mark certain milestones: 16 or 17 for your driver's license, 18 (well, 19 now) to buy cigarettes, 18 to vote, 21 to gamble legally (or at least walk through a casino floor in AC), 21 to drink. But if you think about it...every year is significant. Every year, there is a milestone in your life, something important that has happened to you.
That's because God gives you a purpose to live every day of your life until he says, "You've done all that you're supposed to," and you go home to Him, or to wherever you believe you're going after this life. 

I have realized why it's been so hard to write about turning 25.

It's because it is no different than turning 22, 23, or 24...or 8, 9, or 10, for that matter.

If you live life the way it ought to be lived (in my opinion, at least) ... it doesn't matter what age you're turning, as long as every year on the day you were born, you just celebrate the very fact that you were allowed to live another year.

Life is about the way you feel, the way you live, the way you view each day, each month, each year as a blessing rather than one day, one month, one year closer to the end. 

I might have turned 25, but I don't see it as getting older. I see it as getting another opportunity from God to make my life, and the lives of others, that much better, that much more memorable, that much more worth living.

Yes, turning 25 is important. And if I live right...then every year here on out will be important to me and to those I hope to affect positively until I am due to rest for good.

Today, after about two years of contemplating, I've formed my personal mission statement:
I will not go through life unheard, unrecognized, or unhelpful.

And you know what? It doesn't matter how old I am as long as I always live according to this statement.

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