I unexpectedly (and reluctantly) moved back to my hometown. I unexpectedly fell for an old high school classmate, and he unexpectedly proposed to me. We unexpectedly found out I was pregnant, and we got married sooner than expected. Now, we're experiencing the unexpected daily...the good, the bad, the funny, the frustrating. Read all about it...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Unexpected "Bump"

Wondering where the heck I've been?? No? I'll tell ya anyway...

Having no laptop for the past few months and slow internet connection on the desktop could be a little detrimental for the freelance writer...or at least for the freelance writer/procrastinator who  uses the "no laptop/slow connection" excuse to slack on looking for assignments and creating her own.

Anyway...whoever actually follows this blog knows that a while ago I kinda was on the fence about people with two kids under the age of 2 or 3. I wrote about it in the post "Pregnancy Round Two!!" And honestly, the title was meant to be an eye catcher to lure my Facebook friends to check my blog out. It worked, as it is the post with the second most views on this otherwise "eh" blog. 

As you know because you can obviously read, my blog is all about the unexpected. Well, I think I jinxed myself...Okay, I wouldn't say jinxed because it isn't a bad thing, but I definitely did plant a seed of some sort when I brought the idea of second pregnancies into my life. God had this plan all along to make me look like a hypocrite! Because, if you haven't guessed by now...yep, PREGNANCY ROUND TWO IS FOR REAL!!! 

About the time my son Jamari turned 10 months, I went to the gyno who confirmed that Baby #2 had in fact been floating around in my belly for about 7 or 8 weeks. This was right around the time friends and family kept asking us if we were going to have another kid eventually because we were throwing around the idea of selling or donating our son's old clothing and toys. We were adamant about making sure everyone knew that we were going to wait at least two or three years before we even entertained the thought of having a second child. 

But, as is usually the case, God had other plans. 

Come January 2012, our second son will be in this world! We are ecstatic...well now, we are, whereas a few months ago I cried at the gyno because my son was barely 10 months old! The two boys are going to be about less than a year and a half apart, but from what I hear from friends and acquaintances, even though this was so not planned, it was the best thing to happen to us. Having kids so close in age, especially of the same sex, means they grow up with a friend with whom they can share things in common. 

It'll be hard, it'll be crazy, but I won't ever be able to complain about boredom again. We feel blessed, and words cannot explain how excited my husband and I are. Whether we are financially ready or not, mentally ready or not, physically ready or not, we are going to prove to those who doubt us that we will be one happy family despite anything and anyone that might try to knock us down! 

I've learned a lot so far about being a wife and mother, but these are the two lessons I cherish the most:

1.  Everyone is in their own place in life right now, and even though on the surface we might look the same (be married, have a kid or two, etc.), everyone's situation is very different. You cannot compare your life to someone else's. Just know, in due time, you will eventually get to where you want and are supposed to be.
2. We are going to be doubted and put down, and there are going to be people in our lives who are going to make things harder than they need to be. However, we have to keep a positive attitude no matter what kind of negativity people toss our way. When you let the negativity eat away at you, you find yourself unnecessarily stressed out.


  1. Congrats! Use every "bump in the road" as motivation. :)

  2. My 2 boys are 2 years apart and I wouldn't trade it for the world! Exhausting, but soo worth it. And besides, you're young! I'm an old fart and I'm doing just fine :)
    They will be best friends and it will be easier for you in the long run!! Cherish it and don't blink!